Fire Alarms

We are an NSI Fire Gold BAFE scheme SP203 accredited firm.

Early Warning Systems

We all appreciate the value of protecting life when discussing fire alarm systems. However we often underestimate the full implications of a fire and the effect that it may have on our business. Could you survive if you had to wait for an insurance payment to replace stock, computer systems, or rebuild your premises? What value do you place on your client files and information? Companies have ceased trading as a result of fire damage. The best form of protection is an early warning system that can detect smoke and fire.

Visual or Monitored Systems

There are many types of fire systems available to you whether they protect life/property or both. These systems can be audible/visual warning only or monitored to call the fire brigade.

Appropriate Fire Detection and Alarms

With the advent of the Fire Safety Order implemented in October 2006 it is imperative that you consider the implications of poor fire safety management. By law it is necessary to provide the appropriate fire detection and alarms which correspond to your own site risk assessment. You can further safeguard your position by ensuring that the company fitting and maintaining your systems have the relevant training and third party accreditation.

F.I.A Fire Industry Association Trained

Our fire alarm engineers are fully F.I.A Fire Industry Association (formally British Fire Protection System Association) trained and are fully qualified to design, install, and maintain to the latest standards. We are also a NSI Fire Gold BAFE scheme SP203 accredited firm which ensures all our systems are appropriate to the risk and insurance approved.







Drawing Service

We offer a service to provide system location drawings, which is also a requirement of the standard.

Maintenance/Call Out

We offer a comprehensive maintenance service providing 24 hour 365 days a year cover. Although there is no industry statute for attendance to breakdowns we operate the same four-hour response times as we do with our intruder alarm clients.

Radio Fire Alarm Systems

The traditional design and installation of a fire alarm usually requires cabling from control equipment to all sensor units and sounders. In many situations the damage caused to the building fabric, the time taken to install and the disruption to the occupants’ normal routine is not acceptable.

In addition it may not be possible to run cables. The radio fire alarm system is an effective solution to this. We are a distributor and installer of Electro Detectors fully addressable radio fire alarm systems.

End Users

Is your premises listed? Is it difficult to run cables? Will the down time and disruption of fitting a conventional fire alarm system cause unnecessary disruption to your business?


Does the site merit the use of a wire free system, are you turning down work because the site warrants a wire free system and you don’t have the necessary experience? Are you fitting conventional systems when addressable would make more sense?

As a distributor of Electro Detector systems we install, commission and maintain wire free systems. In addition if you are an installer looking to add wire free fire systems to your portfolio then contact us as you may wish to become a registered installer with us or pass on the referral on a commission basis.

There are systems to suit from small HMO’s, hotels, to large commercial premises and industrial units.

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